Publication is regarded as a distinguished industry in the developed countries of the world. Kazal Brothers Limited is a renowned organization in the publication sector of Bangladesh. The organization founded by Late Mirza Ali Mohammad started its journey in 1968.

The journey of this company began with the lofty aim of multifaceted education. The main objective of this organization is to provide accurate information for a large number of people and to help them make a communication with the modern scientific education in order to materialize the slogan, 'Education for all'. This goal can be achieved by providing books of high qualities for the learners all over the country. For a long period of 46 years, Kazal Brothers Limited has carried out this task with much responsibility.

This institution is playing an important role in the development of book publication sector of Bangladesh by publishing practice-based creative books from the primary level to the higher secondary level.

The Department of Research and Development of Kazal Brothers Limited is relentlessly working to develop learners' latent talent providing accurate information in sublime and lucid language fit for the students as per classes. Experienced writers, editors and researchers are working on their respective subjects which includes Bangla, English, Humanities, Science and Business Studies.

It is the age of modern science and information technology. In this respect, we are is not lagging behind either. It is one of the best publication organizations having digital system. Skilled administration, enriched IT department, E-mail and internet facilities have sped up this organization remarkably.

Besides the publication of practice-based creative books, Kazal Brothers Limited is publishing various NCTB approved text books with the consistency of tradition. These books being up to the mark, have been widely received by students and honourable teachers.

We are not confined only to publishing of books. The organization is also whole-heartedly working to serve the society. Various programs are arranged by this organization in order to create zeal and bring out latent talent of the students. These include different types of prize giving and free distribution of books among the poor students. At this, poor boys and girls who became disinterested in studies due to economic problems, get stimulated with new vigor. This service for education by Kazal Brothers Limited can be much helpful for building up a developed and well-educated nation.

Kazal Brothers Limited is a well-known publishing house to the educated society of the country for 'Anupam', a practice-based creative book and NCTB approved books. Martin F. Tooper once said, "A good book is the best friend for today and for eternity." It is the pledge of us to produce and publish good books.


Online Exam

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Reference Books

In this Modern age education barrier is no longer sustainable. Education has diversified its wings in many ways. We have been publishing reference books for 46 years. Because we believe students will do better by studying or taking notes or Practicing Questions from our books. There are 150+ title of books has published. We provide reference titles from class 9 to 12 for a self educated nation.

Education For All

In this developing country there are much discriminations. Not every single child will not get the same quality education because of financial limitation. We believe our books can change the study and result of student's. Because our well researched and efficiently written books which contain questions, answers, practice system, re-inventing something which will amaze the country.